Hedgers on weatherXchange® may require specialist advice related to weather risk hedging. While weatherXchange staff are available to help with technical questions related to using the Platform, they are not able to provide investment advice. Hedgers can however request the assistance of existing Broker-Advisor specialists in the field. The financial basis for the provision of this advice is negotiated between the Hedger and Broker-Advisor directly.

If you are a Hedger looking for advice, please contact the Broker-Advisors directly. This can be done directly from the weatherXchange structuring wizard allowing the structure you are working on to be provided to the Broker-Advisor.

Disclaimer: Please note that in providing the names listed below weatherXchange Limited is making no recommendation as to the suitability of any of the companies.

Please click here for more information on the role of Broker-Advisors on the weatherXchange® Platform

If you are interested in becoming a Broker-Advisor Participant on weatherXchange please contact us for more information

Full Service Broker-Advisors

Company Website Contact Regions/Sectors
Willis Towers Watson Julian Roberts United Kingdom Tel: +44 20 7558 9203 Multiple

Secondary Market Brokers

Company Website Contact Regions/Sectors
Choice Weather Nick Ernst USA Tel: +1 (713) 613-0594 Speedwell-Market Sites

Regional-Specialist Broker-Advisor

Company Website Contact Regions/Sectors
Wx Risk Global Joseph Alston USA Tel: +1 (302) 468-6006 North America: Renewable Energy. Construction, Agriculture, Tourism, O&G
Arquus Richard Riddle Australia Tel +61 437 414 301 Australia: Agribusiness
SRG Corporate Norman Trethewey Australia Tel +61 437 188 986 Australia: Agribusiness, Construction, Energy, Mining
Risk Solutions International Roger Currie, Patrick Bourke Australia Tel: +61 428 525 420, +61 428 319 845 Neil Bird Australia Tel: +61 424 172 189 Energy, Utilities, Mining, Transport, Agriculture Construction
Weather Risk Solutions Jason Goodwin Australia Tel +61 2 9493 6100 Australia: Construction
Twin Feathers Consulting JD Buss, CPA USA Tel: +1 (913) 851-7575 USA: Propane