Protection Sellers

The Protection Sellers listed below are those companies that directly engage in weather risk transfer by deploying their own capital. They may be deploying reinsurance capital or be specialist funds.

These companies are usually characterised by having global operations, extensive experience working with both standard and complex index-based weather hedges and the ability to transact on a range of contract sizes.

Company Other Information
Munich Re  Global Insurance and Reinsurance Company
Liberty Speciality Markets  Global Speciality Insurance and Reinsurance Company
Allianz Risk Transfer  Global Insurance and Reinsurance Company
Citadel Energy Marketing LLC  Investment Fund
MSI GuaranteedWeather  Global Weather Risk Manager
Nephila Capital Ltd Bermuda  Investment Fund Weather Risk Management Specialist
SCOR Investment Partners UK Ltd  Investment Fund Weather Risk Management Specialist
AXA Climate  AXA Climate is a subsidiary of the AXA Group and offers customers index-based protection in insurance and ISDA form in 28 countries across the globe
Swiss Re Corporate Solutions  Global Weather Protection Seller
Sompo Global Weather  Global Specialty Insurance Company

Protection Sellers - MGA

The Protection Sellers listed below are those that act in the capacity of MGAs (Managing General Agents).  These are companies able to negotiate contracts as principals but using capital provided by relationships with one or more insurance companies. 

MGAs typically are only able to transact smaller contracts and may have regionally focused operations possibly with specialized industry knowledge and expertise (eg agriculture). Some MGAs may offer a hybrid model whereby for larger transactions they may switch to a Broking model. However, MGAs are not permitted to act in this dual capacity on the weatherXchange Platform. 

Company Other Information
Descartes Underwriting  Managing General Agent – Global Weather Risk Solutions
CelsiusPro (Aust) Pty Ltd  Managing General Agent - Australia
Skyline Partners  Managing General Agent (London) – Global Parametric Solutions

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