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  • Weather Data

    Speedwell Weather supplies high-quality historical observed weather data and real time weather data feeds for tens of thousands of sites world-wide.

    Our unique SuperPack® product provides unlimited group-wide access to our entire weather data archive of thousands of data sets and real-time feeds for a single subscription. Our archives cover daily, hourly and sub-hourly data providing both history and real-time feeds. Our clients are companies world-wide in sectors including energy, agriculture, commodity-trading, renewables, retail, insurance and weather risk markets. Speedwell's origins as a weather data provider lie in the weather risk markets where we are the dominant provider of weather data for pricing weather risk contracts and where we are the dominant settlement agent for over-the-counter weather risk transactions.

    Speedwell Recalibrated Data Sets re-base historical temperature data for important reference sites by adjusting for known or observed discontinuities that have accumulated over the life time of the observations.
  • Weather Forecasts

    Speedwell Weather supplies site-specific ensemble forecasts across the world covering 15-day and monthly periods.

    The ensemble forecast is a probabilistic forecast which inherently captures information that is normally lost in a traditional deterministic forecast.

    Forecasts can be delivered both with interactive web-delivered tools and as underlying data. Web-based forecast delivery gives users the ability to view, interrogate, and verify archived forecasts as well as overlay historical data.

    Speedwell Weather supplies forecasts to clients in energy, agriculture and weather risk markets across the globe.
  • Weather Derivative Software

    Speedwell Weather supplies the definitive enterprise weather derivative pricing and risk management system, the Speedwell Weather System, SWS.

    Available as a hosted application or internally-installed SWS consists of many millions of lines of code representing over a decade of continuous development to produce a tool that provides a consistent and reliable framework for valuing weather hedges, for managing a portfolio of weather risk and for the process of seeing those transactions through all back office stages to final settlement. We have a philosophy of transparency: no black boxes and full documentation of methods. All SWS outputs are easily exportable, and all components are re-usable in 3rd party systems, subject to licence.

    SWSConnect is a web-delivered weather derivative pricing tool based on the same underlying components as SWS. Ideal for pricing CME weather derivative contracts.

  • Weather Risk Placement and Consultancy

    Speedwell Weather Derivatives Limited, authorised and regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority, are experts in analysing, structuring and placing weather risk.

    In our capacity as a regulated independent consultancy we are able to assist companies in quantifying their weather exposure and then to structure and place such risk with the weather risk-taking community.


    Since we were founded in 1999, we have cultivated extensive relationships in the weather risk-taking community amongst all types of participants. These include insurance companies, banks, energy companies and investment funds. We do not act as principals ourselves and nor are we exclusively aligned to a single principal.

    Financial Conduct Authority

    Speedwell Weather Derivatives Limited is authorised and regulated by the financial regulator in the United Kingdom, the Financial Conduct Authority.

  • Other Services

    Speedwell Weather offers a wide range of other complementary services.

    These include:
What's New

Click here for downloadable documents about our products and services

18th Mar 2015.  A new pack tracking growing conditions in the Brazil Robusta coffee growing area is now available to Commodity Product users and SuperPack users. Click here to view the basket of 14 sites. These sites offer cleaned historical data, cleaned feeds, smoothed climatologies and ensemble forecasts for daily temperature and rainfall.

Click here to see a recent alert on rainfall in this area.

4th Mar 2015.  SuperPack® update: New data packs have now been added for Denmark, Norway, Poland, Greece, Italy, Ireland, Sweden, Austria, Switzerland, Ghana and Chile. New commodity site groups added for Livestock, Film Shoot locations and Solar Radiation. Please contact us for more information.

5th Feb 2015.  We continue to expand our range of high-quality observations in key agri-producing areas. New sites of cleaned temperature and rainfall data covering arabica coffee growing areas are now available: Brazil Minas Gerais South and Colombia Coffee Arabica

13th Jan 2015.  GFS Model Change: clients are alerted to a major change in the GFS Operational model which will be reflected in Speedwell raw and downscaled forecasts from 1200 UTC 14th Jan 2015. Please click here for more important information relating to the impact of this change

12th Dec 2014.  We are delighted to have won Environmental Finance’s Best Advisory/Data Firm 2014 for the seventh year in a row. Click here for more information

21st Nov 2014.  SuperPack®, the pre-eminent weather data package for users of large volumes of weather data continues to grow: SuperPack subscribers now have immediate access to over 15,000 weather stations world-wide and on-request access to our archive of over 100,000 weather stations. Click here for more information

30th Oct 2014.  We are now offering solar radiation forecasts based on the ECMWF model in Europe. Please contact us for more information.

26th Oct 2014.  Speedwell announces the release of its data and forecast API. The WCF-based API allows SuperPack® clients to access historical weather data and feeds for both hourly and daily weather elements directly from our database. SuperPack clients now have four methods of accessing data: via API, from the website, by FTP or through Zema’s ZE interface. The considerable legal and administrative simplification offered by SuperPack –one contract, group-wide access, no data limits- is now matched by simplicity of data acquisition. Please contact us for more information, User Guide and sample code.

30th Sep 2014.  Speedwell announces the release of the Speedwell Commodity Product. The Speedwell Commodity Product is a platform designed to bring observed weather data and forecast information directly to the trader in a concise format for a wide range of global commodities. Version 1, released today, monitors major world-wide crop-growing weather variables including precipitation, temperature, growing degree days and frost for over 30 crops in over 40 countries. Click here for more information. Click here to register for a free trial.

15th Sep 2014.  We are pleased to welcome our 20th SuperPack® client. We are delighted that SuperPack is proving of value to clients in the agri-risk sector as well as those in energy and weather-risk-management. SuperPack provides clients with access to many thousands of world-wide quality data sets including agri crop based regional baskets. Historical and on-going data can be accessed direct from the Speedwell web site using a variety of tools. For assimilation into internal system, data can be delivered as feeds by FTP, through Zema’s ZE platform or, coming soon, directly via API. Click here for more information.

15th Sep 2014.  Speedwell SuperPack® subscribers now have access to over 6,000 sites offering hourly temperature feeds across the USA from the Citizen Weather Observing Program.

8th Sep 2014.  We now offering 3-hourly ensemble wind forecasts based on the ECMWF model in Europe. These are available for 10m and 100m heights and can be delivered as U and V components or as resolved wind speed. Click here to see those site which are available off-the-shelf. Please contact us for a trial or if you wish to discuss forecasts for your specific location(s).

1st Sep 2014.  We are delighted that Hannah Bennett, one of our UK-based meteorologists has today completed a solo crossing of the English Channel in a time of 13 hour and 36 minutes having started at 10.30 pm yesterday. This she did in aid of Sebastian’s Action Trust. Her route can be seen here. To make a donation please click here

28th August 2014.  We are now able to offer data for over 2,000 rainfall and climate sites in Germany from Deutsche Wetterdienst. We are still assimilating this data but the initial coverage of daily temperatures and precipitation can be seen here for the most northerly area of Germany. Speedwell SuperPack® subscribers can access this data for no additional charge.

7th July 2014.  We are pleased to announce the release of SWS Version 10. The Speedwell Weather System is the dominant software for pricing weather risk and managing a portfolio of weather risk contracts. SWS v10 is now 100% a .NET application. Other enhancements have been made to charts, security, logging and auditing. Click here for more information.

28th May 2014.  We continue to expand our agri-weather data sets and forecasts. We have added packs covering the main peanut growing regions of the United States, including southeastern states and the Southern Plains. These packs provide cleaned historical data and ensemble forecasts based on both the ECMWF and GFS models.

2nd May 2014  Brazil Weather Data: we have greatly expanded our products in Brazil. Please contact us for high quality ensemble forecasts and weather data for key agri areas in Brazil.

10th April 2014  We continue to expand our agri-weather data sets and forecasts. We have added packs covering the Ukraine Soybean area, Iran Spring and Winter Wheat, cotton in Burkina Faso and Benin, Rabi Rice in India and spring wheat in Morocco amongst others.

9th April 2014  We now offer 15 packs covering hydro catchment areas in China, Australia and Europe. These packs provide cleaned histories, cleaned feeds and ECMWF-based probabilistic ensemble forecasts

8th April 2014  Our list of available high-quality downscaled ensemble forecasts based on the ECMWF model continues to grow. We now offer over 2,000. We only produce forecasts where we also have high-quality ground truth.

3th April 2014  We have added population-weighted data sets and forecasts for Argentina and Chile. These include a weighted basket of historical data and ensemble forecasts based on both the ECMWF and GFS models.

20th February 2014  We are pleased to announce the release of SWS Version 9. The Speedwell Weather System is the dominant software for pricing weather risk and managing a portfolio of weather risk contracts. Version 9 sees significant back and middle office enhancements including new regulatory reporting features required under Dodd Frank and EMIR. Click here for more information

31st January 2014 SWS Version 9 is close to Beta release. The Speedwell Weather System is the dominant software for pricing weather risk and managing a portfolio of weather risk contracts. Version 9 sees significant back and middle office enhancements including new regulatory reporting features required under Dodd Frank and EMIR. Click here for more information.

30th January 2014 Speedwell Weather has released SettleCast®, a new forecast product designed for weather risk contracts which settle on forecast values rather than observed values. We see this as an important extension of the weather risk markets in which we have been involved as data provider and settlement agent for over a decade. SettleCast forecasts are tailored to the needs of the specific energy market convention they serve and are currently available for over 80 European sites (here) based on the standard European gas-day convention. Please click here for more information. 

29th January 2014 Speedwell Weather is acting as settlement agent for what is believed to be the biggest weather risk transfer transaction to date brought by World Bank on behalf of the Uruguay state-run utility company, UTE, and based on rainfall in Uruguay/Brazil. Our involvement has included data sourcing, data quality control and the installation of weather stations. We are providing quality controlled data for settlement of the transaction and acting as settlement agent. Please click here for the press release.

28th January 2014 We are pleased to announce a partnership with ZE Group Inc, a global leader in enterprise data management solutions. Speedwell weather data is now available through ZE's ZEMA suite. Please click here for more information.  

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