Participantes del Mercado

Trading Participants on the weatherXchange® Platform are users who are interested in not just sending but also receiving RFPs for exchange-related RFPs. There is no charge to be listed as a Trading Participants.

The architecture of the weatherXchange Platform allows any user to be provided with the option of sending RFPs to any other user. For most users, the list of possible RFP recipients is limited by default to Protection Sellers only. However, for certain classes of Hedger and for certain trade types (especially listed energy contracts) it may be appropriate to be able to sent RFPs to other users such as other energy companies or funds, not just Protection Sellers.

If your firm is listed as a Trading Participant you are able to request the addition to your list of RFP recipients of any other Trading Participant listed. Before the requested Trading Participant is added to your list of RFP recipients, they will first be contacted for approval. If this is granted you will be added to each other's list of RFP recipients.

To request your firm be added to the list of Trading Participants please contact us

Company Website Contact Regions/Sectors
ENI Trading & Shipping UK Aymeric de Jessey ENI Trading & Shipping UK 123 Buckingham Palace Road London SW1W 9SL European temperature risk
RWE Supply and Trading Stuart Bird RWE Supply and Trading Head of Structured Origination United Kingdom Europe, Asia, North America

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