Protection Buyers - Hedgers

To use the weatherXchange® Platform as a protection buyer, please request a login and start structuring your weather protection contract using the wizard.

To comply with our obligations as an FCA-regulated business (Financial Conduct Authority) we will be obliged to request information from you to identify you properly before you can send a pricing request to Protection Sellers or request assistance from a Broker-Advisor.

While we are available to provide assistance in the use of the structuring tool, we are not able to offer Investment Advice. Where the level of assistance required is that of Investment Advice, our Broker-Advisor Participants are available to help. 

The weatherXchange structuring tools and the tools used to send price requests are free of charge to Hedgers. For the removal of doubt, there are no hidden commission charges applied by weatherXchange to Protection Sellers or Broker-Advisors. Note that services provided by Speedwell Settlement Services Limited which may be requested through this Platform are chargeable.

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