How to join the list of Trading Participants

  1. If you would like to both send and receive RFPs relating to energy-related hedges, we will list your company name on the weatherXchange web site. There is no charge.
  2. Any user looking to increase the number of recipients to whom they can send such RFPs will be invited to look at this list and specify to which company they want to be able to send RFPs.
  3. We will inform you if a user has requested that your firm be added. You have the right to decline.
  4. weatherXchange will then permission them to be able to send RFPs to the requested companies, subject to the agreement of those companies.
  5. If you agree to be able to receive RFPs from a particular user, by default we will set up the reciprocal arrangement: this means you will be able to send your RFPs to them.
  6. At any time you can request a list of Trading Participants who are permissioned to be able to send you RFPs. And, at any time you can request that your name be removed from a particular Trading Participant’s list of recipients. They will be informed of such removal.

If you are interested in being listed as a Trading Participant, please contact us.

Bitte kontaktieren Sie uns für weitere Informationen.